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More or less anybody knows what a penis looks like. You’ve apparently come across a dick-shaped sex toy, seen many a penis doodling on school books, or you’ve witnessed one in the flesh. But not many people absolutely know what a clitoris looks like and as a result, many women around the world are left aghast by their sexual partners.

Machine acquirements algorithms action vast quantities of data and spot correlations, trends and anomalies, at levels far beyond even the brightest human mind. But as human intelligence relies on authentic information, so too do machines. Algorithms need training data to learn from. This training data is created, selected, aggregate and annotated by humans. And therein lies the problem.

is the latest hit indie game to make its way to Nintendo’s Switch — and it’s bringing Xbox Live with it, piggyback-style. While Microsoft has put forth acting plans to bring Live to Switch, iOS, and Android, will be the first actual game to carry it over, acceptation we’ll assuredly see how well this crossover works.