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In post-dot com era Silicon Valley, Zuckerberg was the poster child for all things bro culture. The flip-flop clad, hoodie-wearing savant was thrust into the spotlight in his early 20s, and with his rise to fame came elements of toxic ability we didn’t yet understand: arena fast and loose with the rules, lack of adherence (or females and minorities for that matter) in the ranks, and the “move fast and break things” mantra that’s come to define Silicon Valley.

A little after a year since we heard that Google’s parent aggregation Alphabet was hoping to sell off robotics firm Boston Dynamics, it’s assuredly happened. The maker of Big Dog, Atlas and Handle is being sold to Japanese tech giant SoftBank, along with addition robotics firm called Schaft – which Google acquired in 2013. The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

Today in San Jose, Apple kicked off its annual spring developers conference, WWDC. Before Tim Cook even took the stage the room was abuzz with a group of agog reporters administration intel, breaking down rumors, and apperception as to what could be in store this year. Last year we saw Siri come to macOS, bigger Letters (with stickers!), and bigger chain amid Apple laptops and mobile devices.

While American and Asian tech and automotive companies have been making great strides in free agent tech over the past couple of years, Russia is now entering the fray: Yandex, one of the better internet firms in the country, appear this week that it’s launched a self-driving car activity to set its on-demand taxi business on course for the future of mobility.