At the end of June, Google and five other associates of the FASTER bunch added a $300 actor 60 Tbps (terabits per second) fiber optic undersea cable amid Japan and the US to access connectivity speeds.

The aggregation is now extending its efforts to account Web users across Asia with a new 26 Tbps cable bond the FASTER cable in Japan to Taiwan, which houses Google’s better data center in the continent.

The aggregation says that this should help Google casework like Gmail, YouTube and BigQuery load more bound for users in the region. Yan Tang, Google’s Network Resource Regional Lead for the Asia-Pacific region, noted that it “should also advance the believability and bendability of this speedier experience, since the cable was strategically built alfresco of tsunami zones to help anticipate arrangement outages accompanying to accustomed disasters.”


According to the company, the speed of its latest cable is enough to allow all 23.5 actor people in Taiwan to send across a selfie to people in Japan every 15 seconds, amounting to 138 billion selfies a day – hence the analogy above.