Maybe you’ve been jealous at the people that already had a beta adaptation installed, or maybe you’re absolutely new to the new adaptation of iOS.

Whatever the case, these are the five most important affidavit why you’ll want to pull the activate on the update today.

A fresh, redesigned interface

When the update is installed on your device you’ll be greeted by a new home screen with some cool new tricks.

When you swipe left, you now have actual access to the camera. If you swipe right, you get to your widgets, making them much more easily attainable than before. And when you just want to see your notification, you can now raise your phone to have the screen light up.

Also, this is going to abash millions of people around the world at first:webrok

Yeah, you don’t swipe to unlock anymore — instead you put your finger on the Home button and unlock.

Something else that’s very acceptable are the rich notifications that can be broadcast so you can dip in and out of apps after switching to them. When annexation these down, you can have a quick alternation before closing it again.

For example, this is how it works with iMessage — you can scroll through the chat history from within the notification.


Control Center has a new dual-pane look that moves the music controls a swipe away. The result is a cleaned-up and easier to use panel that’s a great band-aid for the mess that it used to be.

To top it all off, the colors and shapes around the entire interface have been tweaked — there’s a lot more white, interface elements are about less cellophane and some fonts here and there have been swapped around. Your iPhone has never looked better.

iMessage is on accession level

If you’re a big user of both Facebook Messenger and iMessage on your phone, you’ve apparently noticed the former has been steadily adding appearance over the years. On the other hand, there haven’t been a lot of improvements to iMessage. That all changes today.

The iOS 10 adaptation of the app is — for lack of a better word — eccentric, and I love it.

When you send a message, you can pick from a range of altered furnishings that either make the text move or take over the entire screen. You can for archetype throw confetti, hide your bulletin with airy ink or shoot fireworks all over the screen. It’s intense, and a lot of fun.


Also, you can now send hand-drawn letters to people, and use the Digital Touch affection you might know from the Apple Watch to send over small animations.

One of the most absorbing changes is the accession of Stickers. These small, sometimes activated images can be stuck pretty much anywhere you want in the conversation. There’s also a new App Store for iMessage where people are undoubtably going to make a lot of money off them.

Photos is now a robot, kind of

iosGoogle Photos has paved the way for smart apps that make people use their photos again instead of just bushing up their Camera Roll and never attractive back.

Apple’s Photos brings a lot of these appearance to their own app and it works well. The Memories tab shows automatically generated albums of the assorted places you’ve been and activities you’ve done. Also, the app now tracks the faces of people in your pictures, creating seperate albums and moments per person.

A big aberration with Google Photos is that all of this is done locally, after sending any data to Apple’s servers.

Important security enhancements

This is the least fun, but the most important reason why you should update as soon as possible.

If you haven’t adapted your phone in a while, you might not be adequate adjoin some big iOS vulnerabilities like Stagefright. Most of these have been patched in versions amid 9.0 and 10.0, but if you’ve been captivation off on afterlight for a while, now is the time.

Other small things

There are a whole bunch of other new appearance that don’t deserve their own branch but are summed up here:

  • Siri got a lot smarter and now plugs into other apps, so you can order a ride through Uber or have it bethink where you left your car when you parked it
  • Apple Music now looks and works a lot better, which is a good thing since the antecedent adaptation was ambiguous terrible
  • A new Universal Clipboard lets you copy and paste text or images amid your iPhone, iPad and Mac (running macOS Sierra)
  • QuickType enhancements lets you easily swap out words for emoji and avoid autocorrection when using assorted languages
  • Maps got redesigned and has a host of new appearance like live cartage and third-party app integration
  • The Home app is added to your home screen, so you can ascendancy all of your HomeKit accessories from one place

And of course there are bags of small fixes that are even less noteworthy, but still very welcome.

When & how to get iOS 10

The update will start to roll out today, September 13 and will commonly roll out around 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT. However, Apple is accepted to absolution it a bit beforehand this year — we’ll let you know when the aggregation puts it live.