If you were cat-and-mouse for Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro, the first phone to accommodate Google’s advocate aggrandized absoluteness belvedere ‘Tango,’ you’ll just have to keep waiting. The official launch page, which once said “coming this summer” has since afflicted to “fall,” abrogation aggrandized absoluteness enthusiasts to shed basic tears.

TNW appear the launch of the Project Tango/Lenovo affiliation at CES and were in awe of the early beta. At Google I/O (part two), we saw addition demo of just how far it had come. Both instances left us with the activity that this was a accepted game-changer in the AR space.

Tango makes a mobile device spatially aware, enabling it to scan a room in abnormal and actuate the exact ambit amid items. It then renders a agenda replica of the room that’s fully editable and augmentable from the handset. We used it to acclimate a kitchen and play with scale dinosaurs at Google I/O , but the limitations of a belvedere like this are only that of human creativity.

The plan was for Google’s AR tech to come bundled inside the Phab 2 Pro along with adornment apps from Wayfair and Lowe’s. The aberrant mobile phone and its 6.4 inch screen seem ideal for Tango’s first foray into customer mobile devices.

The news is disappointing, but it doesn’t seem to be an indicator of Google’s waning absorption — a la Project Ara. It seems Tango is all grown up now that Google alone the “project” tag. Instead, the delay seems to be on Lenovo’s end, although we’ve been unable to confirm.