Last week, Apple accepted a mistake. Hold the applause. After acquisition a scattering of journalists to what I can only brainstorm is the company’s secret abundance lair, Apple copped to blame up the trashcan-shaped Mac Pro, and vowed to do better.

But what might a newer, more modular Mac Pro look like?

Designers at CURVED/labs took a stab at it. The conceptual design looks a lot like the Mac Mini, but in the best way possible. It appearance two slots for full-sized clear cards — hello GTX 1080 — and an easily attainable area apartment the processor, RAM, and storage.

Perhaps most importantly, it can breathe. The axiological flaw with the Mac Pro — aside from it being abandoned for over three years now — was its design. The trashcan-shaped PC wasn’t built for upgradability, and even the parts it alien with caused heat issues. In the artist’s rendering, the newer, Mac pro would have holes on top advised to allow hot air to escape, making this a far better option than the absolute Mac Pro — even though it doesn’t exist.

It’ll have Touch ID for power, a Touch Bar for… something, I’m sure, and ports out the wazoo: USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI.

It’s sort of a Mac-lovers wet dream. I’d buy this right now. Sadly, though, we’ll all have to wait. Some rumors advance the artefact won’t be done until 2019. It’s kind of odd, really, as the iPod — arguably Apple’s most avant-garde conception — was designed, manufactured, and alien in all of nine months.

Taking on the Mac Pro is a solved botheration — PC gamers have been architecture activating rigs for years. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how it can take this long to design a new PC.

But, then again, does anyone ever truly accept what Apple is doing?

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