The Verge is right: we shouldn’t call these VTOL cartage ‘flying cars’, but the fact is that we don’t yet have a good way to call these small flying machines that anybody from Larry Page to Uber to Aeromobil to Lilium (and maybe even Elon Musk) wants to see in the air soon.

Meanwhile, Google co-founder Sergey Brin is allegedly alive on article else entirely: an aeroplane that’s large enough to fill a hangar.

That’s according to a report from Bloomberg, which notes that the activity is underway at the NASA Ames Research Center, next to Alphabet’s Mountain View address in California.

Brin is said to have begun work on his blimp three years ago, and so far, it only has a metal framework. Heading up the activity is former administrator of programs at NASA, Alan Weston.

Back in 2013, Weston was on the radio anecdotic a fuel-efficient blimp for alteration cargo, as well as a ancestor aeroplane that could use helium and ‘breathe’ in order to gain lift and carry 500 tons after a ballast. It isn’t clear if the aircraft he’s alive on now uses either of those ideas.

Brin is befitting mum about the aggressive activity for now, but it’ll be worth befitting an ear to the ground to learn more. The accepted crop of VTOL cartage are primarily advised to carry a single commuter or up to about five people; a blimp could carriage several more, as well as cargo.

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