Earlier this month, we heard about Apple accepting permission to test self-driving cartage in California, acknowledging rumors that broadcast for years about the aggregation accepting into the auto industry. Now, Bloomberg has visual affirmation of its tech being tested in the real world.

Bloomberg noted that a Lexus RZ450h SUV rolled out of an Apple ability beforehand this week, fitted with a bunch of what appear to be off-the-shelf sensors, as against to custom-built devices.

For those befitting score, it’s the same model that Google used to test its own free agent tech before the aggregation spun off those efforts into a abstracted entity called Waymo.

As is usually the case, Apple is befitting mum about its self-driving initiative, which is anon named Project Titan. But given that on-road tests are capital to this technology, it’s likely that we’ll see more of the company’s work in advance over the coming months.

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