Google afresh appear a map assuming “America’s Most Misspelled Words” based on searches absolute “how to spell” and then a keyword (presumably misspelled).

The data, for the most part, isn’t all that surprising. South Dakota can’t spell “college” (so many jokes to be made here), Pennsylvania can’t spell “sauerkraut” (but neither can anyone else) and North Carolina — right in the thick of the bible belt — can’t spell “angel.”

And then there’s Wisconsin.

Wisconsin residents, according to Google Trend data, have adversity spelling the name of the state they reside in. Awkward. I mean, I’d accept it if you lived in Tennessee, or conceivably Massachussetts, but Wisconsin?

Aside from Wisconsin’s failings, we have the Louisiana mystery. In Louisiana, the most-misspelled word is “giraffe.” I have so many questions.

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