Facebook is now testing a new affection which will anticipate page administrators from alteration the featured image, banderole and description on shared links, according to a source accustomed with the matter.

These alteration capabilities allows businesses, media outlets, and journalists to make accessories more ambrosial to their target audience. Otherwise known as clickbait in most cases.

Should this roll out, pages will no longer be able to “put their own twist” on breaking news or stories.

The affection seems to be yet addition attack to combat fake news and “alternative facts,” after Facebook’s reporting and abatement process failed miserably last month. Some users believed that acknowledged news accessories were absolutely real, and needed to be shared even more so their voices wouldn’t be silenced by the media. Which ultimately led to annoyance across the board.

However, this new tactic seems to be a solid adverse punch by Facebook. Reliable sources will be able to sleep affably alive their agreeable will not be adapted in any way shape or form? and trolls will have less ascendancy and credibility.

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