One of Google’s most-used (but least updated) apps just got a new coat of paint. Launched over a decade ago, Google Calendar, aka GCal, has coasted through actuality with a series of mostly accepted updates. 2015 brought “reminders,” 2016 saw the launch of “goals” and AI-driven “smart suggestions,” but throughout it all, the looks have remained mostly unchanged.


Today’s update utilizes Google’s Material Design attempt to align one of the world’s most anatomic calendars’ UI with its already aberrant functionality.

Here’s what you’ll see:

  • G Suite admins can now share advice about a team’s affair rooms so that advisers who book a space know where it’s located, whether or not it has the proper audio/visual equipment, and if it’s appropriately attainable for the handicap, amidst other things.

  • GCal’s new UI appearance a bevy of formatting options for better affair agendas. Inside the Description field, you’ll now be able to bold, italicize, accentuate and create both ordered and unordered lists. You can also add clickable links.
  • A new splits screen-like option allows you to view calendars in abstracted columns, no scrolling required. For those managing assorted calendars, you can already see how this makes your life easier.

  • See acquaintance advice for affair participants by aerial over their names.
  • View or restore deleted items.

You’ll also see acquaintance advice of affair participants just by aerial over their names,

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