Google today launched a new affection that makes it easier to find pet pictures in Google Photos. The affection automatically seeks out pet faces and groups them in folders, just like it does people.

You can label the photos with your pet’s name once they are aggregate and there’s no need to type “dog” or “cat,” like before. To see the photos, simply type in Chester’s name into the search box.


Users will also be able to search by breed, like Pug or Beagle, or even type in the agnate emoji to find the pictures. Google Assistant will even create a movie with all your pet’s photos — you’ll see the action from puppers to doggos and have a moment of homesickness with music of your choice.

This is a new level for face recognition. Most of the time even a human eye won’t be able to analyze two dogs of the same breed, but now your phone will.

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