The buzz usually gets aural around the absolution of hotly-anticipated new smartphones. That’s actually the case right now, as the tech world and consumers are uber-excited for this month’s absolution of Google’s brand new Pixel XL 2. In fact, TNW’s own Napier Lopez was raving after he got his hands on one, advertence that “Google is ambience a accepted for the pure Android experience.”

So sure, we could trick you out with the latest, coolest new tech and just give you a Pixel XL 2… but instead, we’re also gonna throw in a Google Daydream View VR angle AND a Google Home smart apostle in this New Google Pixel and Friends Giveaway from TNW Deals.

Just like the aboriginal Pixel a year ago, the Pixel XL 2 is aggressive to raise the bar on aggregate a smartphone can do. Rocking a 6-inch screen and a antic 2,880×1,440 resolution, the Pixel may be the best attractive phone ever made. And Google is already claiming the Pixel’s 12-megapixel sensor camera is scoring clearly higher for image accuracy than the iPhone 8 and the Note 8.

As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get the appropriately accepted Daydream View VR system and a Google Home unit to get your entire life synced and automated. Can’t beat that for the low, low price of free, huh?

All you’ve got to do is enter the cartoon and get picked… not too hard, right? You can even access your odds if you get a friend to join as well.

That’s nearly a $1,000 worth of cutting-edge, prime Google tech all for free… so get your allotment in before Nov. 25 to win. Good luck!

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