Adding to the list of things robots do better than humans, this conception from the University of Tokyo is now better than we are at exercise. In Science Robotics today, the advisers showed off their newest humanoid robot, Kengoro, who can do sit-ups, push-ups, and back extensions — which a quick Google search appear to me, is absolutely a real thing.

Back extensions, for the curious:

Disclaimer: This may or may not be a back extension; we’re abhorrent at exercise.

Kengoro is annihilation after a series of 116 actuators. The actuators are placed inside its frame in an attack to mirror the human body, and through push/pull commands can arrangement much like whatever flab resides where our anatomy should be.

These actuators, though, aftermath heat. To adverse accretion temperatures, advisers added a water cooling system to his porous aluminum frame. Water circulates to cool the actuators and when it does, Kengoro “sweats,” much like a human. This sweat, however, isn’t an attack to cool the body, but artifice water vapor from the cooling system.

It’s super adjustable to boot, in fact Kengoro’s about six times as adjustable as the boilerplate human.

Aside from afraid and exercising, two things we’re acerb adjoin at TNW, Kengoro likes to spend his free time arena badminton. He’s not that good at it, but you have to blow off steam somehow, right?

We can only hope Kengoro doesn’t take up Crossfit next. That would be an intolerable robot.