With about 2,000 accelerators worldwide, it’s really hard for startups to choose which programs to attend, if any. Especially when the differences are small, but the implications can be enormous. In May last year, I abounding a absolutely new concept, the decelerator Menorca Millennials. Here’s what I learned.

Exponential growth, daily active users, and the number of “18 hour-days” are often the main KPIs for architecture a acknowledged startup. However being faster doesn’t always mean you’re acceptable the race.

A small group of entrepreneurs from Menorca, a small Spanish island in the Mediterranean, accept that it’s acute for fast-growing startups to know when to take a step back and decelerate in order to achieve abiding success. Thus they arrive a group of anxiously called entrepreneurs to give it a try.

Fifteen sunny days

Marcos Martin and Xevi Fuya absitively to help these entrepreneurs by creating Menorca Millennials (MM). As the world’s first decelerator, this affairs brings calm thirty all-embracing startups with key abstracts from the ambitious ecosystem such as advisors, industry experts, and VC’s. A fifteen-day event on the Spanish island of Menorca aimed at moving away from your archetypal circadian activities, to instead focus on abiding action and accurate beheading plans.

The goals

MM’s founders accept that absorption on high contour entrepreneurs “mentoring in flip-flops” will not only access adroitness and addition but will also help startups to build better strategies. All founders abutting MM are at least second-time entrepreneurs, who know what it takes to build a company. Over the past three editions, their alumni have already raised more than 50$ actor in allotment – 42 percent of participants raised consecutive rounds of allotment – and had three acknowledged exits.

What I learned

Last May, I abounding my first ever MM decelerator for a continuance of seven days. This trip taught me a lot about ambitious life and here are my top five takeaways to help you decide whether or not to attend next year. 

1. Create room to learn from each other

Menorca Millennials made me apprehend just how much entrepreneurs can learn from each other when put in the right setting. MM created a strong belvedere for accord and ability alteration amid accomplished founders.

2. Investors are people like you and me

Investors are people like you and me. At the of the day, whether they are a small angel broker or the head of a big VC firm, you are ambidextrous with people. People who want to feel some sort of claimed affiliation with the founders of the companies they will invest money in. Keep that in mind during your next broker meeting.

3. VC’s focus now on “Human due diligence”

The nature of this affairs helps to assay the team behind the startups – both in terms of business skills as well as human capabilities. By giving investors the befalling to live with the entrepreneurs for four days, they can achieve what they call a unique “Human Due Diligence.” That’s a big deal for investors since it’s a very difficult task to achieve during a acceptable 30-minute meeting.

4. Founders, the power is in YOUR hands

Each startup founder has the power to absitively what’s best for the growth of his/her company. Getting investment is one of the most difficult and important decisions startups have to make, thus making sure to sign with the right ally is essential. MM unique appraisement structure gives the power back to its founders, by giving them the befalling to choose to offer equity or not.

5. Build a truly acceptable business model

My team and I usually spend our days analytic for companies that have an outstanding team, a solid business model, traction, revenue, etc. But ultimately what affairs is to find startups that have a truly acceptable model and are able to scale past the first couple of rounds of funding! This affairs was addition befalling to remind myself that bigger or faster isn’t always better, actually, it rarely is!

Bottom line

Spending two weeks on an island for work… I know what that sounds like. When I first heard of Menorca Millennials, I too pictured a adequate anniversary on the beach in the Balearic islands. However, after spending seven days on the island and experiencing the program firsthand, I can truly say it’s been one of the most adorning ambitious adventures I have had.

Where to sign up?

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