• What are the most acute problems farmers face today, and how can a peer-to-peer network solve them?
  • What can a farmer in Peru learn from one in Kenya?
  • What abeyant does arising technologies like apparatus acquirements and the blockchain have for convalescent the global agriculture industry?

Ask all this and more to agenda agriculture czar, Kenny Ewan.

Ewan is the Founder & CEO of Wefarm, the world’s better farmer-to-farmer agenda network. It connects farmers via free SMS to Wefarm’s 660,000 farmer-strong global online network, where others can acknowledge with useful, crowd-sourced knowledge.

There are 500 actor smallholder farmers in the world, and most of them live on less than $1 a day. Wefarm is a free, innovative, and democratizing band-aid to giving farmers access to the world’s agriculture knowledge. It was afresh backed by Skype, WordPress, and Blue Bottle’s founders.

Need inspiration? Check out Wefarm’s website here and Ewan’s account with the European Commission here.

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