Among many other appearance appear during today’s I/O conference, Google appear Slices and Actions, new ways for users to collaborate with Android apps by admiration what they might want based on antecedent actions. They’re advised to give users more options with fewer taps and less app-hunting.

Slices are alternate snippets that show agreeable from apps after aperture the app itself. For example, if you search for Lyft on your phone, you’ll not only see the app, but also a list of accomplishments you can take within the app, such as acclamation a ride to a adopted location. You can then tap on a Slice to launch its action immediately, after having to fire up the app.


Slices can be annihilation from a series of photos to a slider. They’ll be accessible in other parts of the OS in future, but Android is using it first in Search.

App Actions, on the other hand, are links to app agreeable from other parts of the OS, generated from your usage history. For example, when you open your home screen, you might see a button to start your approved conditioning in a fettle app, or to call addition you acquaintance frequently. Both accomplishments are predicted based on what you’ve done in the past.

Actions are also appropriate by context, such as suggesting Spotify or a podcast app when you plug in a pair of headphones.

Both Accomplishments and Slices will be accessible in the next adaptation of Android. If you have the actual phone, you can join the Android P beta today. For developers, early access to both appearance opens next month.

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