At Google IO today Waymo took the stage to altercate self-driving cars. Its big pitch: Waymo and Google have “unlocked truly free vehicles.”

First up, Waymo and Google are making driverless cars safer for pedestrians. Google Brain and Waymo were able to to reduce the error-rate for audition pedestrians by 100X (not 100 percent, but still!). The aggregation showed off its AI’s adeptness to detect pedestrians in abundantly abstruse situations.

Google’s new advances make it accessible for driverless cars to detect pedestrians in ways that people may not be able to themselves. In one image it was able to pick out architecture worker’s head peaking out of a man cover, in addition it accurately articular a person inside of a goofy apparel (like a mascot) as a pedestrian.

According to Waymo, it can accomplish these functions in real-time, even in bad weather. These are some of the better roadblocks on the way to a future where robots do the driving. Overcoming the vision problems with driverless cars is a huge feat, if these advances can be implemented into the next bearing of Waymo cartage we might be closer to those “truly free vehicles” acceptable the norm than ever.

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