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Dungeon Defenders II will apparatus 'proof of skill' algorithm for crytpocurrency rewards

Blockchain startup Signal Zero today appear a affiliation with Trendy Entertainment to bring its Loot agreement to the massively accepted game .

This marks the first major game absolution to affection baked-in cryptocurrency rewards. is a free-to-play game accessible on Steam, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. It was clearly launched last year, and has since accustomed abundant updates and expansions, and has been downloaded more than 8 actor times, according to data provided by Signal Zero.

The Loot belvedere will bring “proof of skill” based cryptocurrency rewards to the game in the form of tokens that can be exchanged for in-game items, 3rd party gift cards, and other cryptocurrencies.

According to the developers of the Loot protocol, it does not advantage your computer’s GPU or CPU for mining functions. Instead, the “mathematics that are a result of barometer the gamer’s about skill, achievement and assurance in a game serve as an alternating form of crypto generation.”

According to Drew Curby, Chief Business Development Officer at Trendy Entertainment:

The avant-garde Loot protocol has the abeyant to become the new borderland in gaming monetization, both for players and for publishers. We’re captivated to be alive with Loot and gluttonous ways to best accommodate the blockchain agreement and crypto rewards, so that users can account from it in the most simple and able way.

Dungeon Defenders II has enough gaming cred to make this advertisement interesting. It’s easy to be agnostic of annihilation with the word “cryptocurrency” in it, abnormally in the gaming space, but the recent admeasurement of paid rewards such as loot boxes into AAA titles means this makes at least as much sense as paying fiat bill for driver gear in .

In this case, if the admittance of a blockchain-based, decentralized token can be done seamlessly and after acute gamers to be savvy with cryptocurrency, there’s a shot it could catch on. Proof-of-skill sounds a bit silly, but isn’t that what E-sports competitions are about anyway?

We’ll find out if Loot and are a match made in crypto-heaven once the agreement clearly launches in the game, which should be early 2019. For more advice visit Signal Zero’s Loot website here.

Published June 7, 2018 — 17:57 UTC

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