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Teen bitcoin millionaire builds a real Dr. Octopus suit for a kid with advancement issues

When a boyish bitcoin millionaire tells the world he intends to use a allocation of his money to build a automatic exoskeleton in the vein of a famous Marvel super villain, it sounds like article we should worry about. Luckily the teen in question, Erik Finman, has chosen to use his assets for good.

Finman, a man  called one of the most influental teens of 2014, afresh helped accounts and advance a automatic prosthetic suit akin the one created by the fabulous Spiderman nemesis Doctor Octopus.

It’s absolutely pretty easy to brainstorm this as the alpha of a plot to rule the world or visit animus on all the people who’ve wronged him, but that’s absolutely not the case here – admitting the fact his backstory is just a ‘terrible accident’ away from being grade-A super villain material.

Finman began advance his money in cryptocurrency when he was 12. He spun a $1,000 dollar gift from his grandmother into a wallet clutching millions of dollars worth of bitcoin. Now, at the age of 19, he says he wants to make the world a better place.

We caught up with Finman to find out, first of all, why he anticipation it was a good idea to spend a bunch of money making a four-armed robot suit. He says:

I was super into robotics growing up. Got my first kit when I was 3. Loved it! But when I went to school I had all these abhorrent experiences. Teachers were abundantly cruel to me. Made fun of me for being so deeply into robotics.

I alone out of HS and worked on a lot of cool projects. Made some money. And I found this kid, Aristou, whose Dad is a family friend. He said it would be his dream to build a real life Dr Octopus because of his own situation. He’s an abundantly smart kid, next Albert Einstein, and I saw a affiliated spirit.

So I wanted to help because no one helped me growing up. It’s Important to animate this type of cerebration at a young age. So I absitively to use my robotics expertise, get a rag tag team of engineers together, and build a real life Dr. Octopus suit.

Aristou, who is only 10, suffers from hypermobility issues according to a report from . The suit, which was made for him, is equal parts cosplay gadget and early prosthetic prototype. It’s not ready to be declared a medical device just yet, but Finman is because added development.

He told TNW:

Yeah, I’m cerebration about it. Currently deciding. With just addition 20K in improvements we can get it to lift a car. We’ve done the math. But it’s just a hobby for now. A lot of investors have accomplished out absent me to start a business off of it.

But right now I’m really focused on education. It’s my number one absorption and botheration to solve. So unless an broker writes me a huge check to turn [robotics] into more than a hobby. It’ll apparently remain that way for now. I’m dedicating every cent I have to alive on a new apprenticeship project. But when that’s going calmly I’ll turn my absorption back to robotics. I want to make a real life Iron Man suit next!

Finman, when he was 15, bet his parents he’d be a millionaire by the time he was 18. The stakes were whether he’d go to academy or not, with him on the “or not” side – he won that bet. At the time, he’d just cashed out $100k in bitcoin to start his own tech business – a aggregation called Botangle focused on education.

Now he’s worth a few actor dollars, thanks to his vision to invest in Bitcoin when it was worth a mere $12 per coin – yet he’s still too young to buy a beer in the US. And he plans on actualization a “big thing” in the educational space soon, article he eluded to TNW he may eventually advertise on his Cheep page.

It’s absurd to adumbrate the future, abnormally when it comes to cryptocurrency investments, but people like Finman, whether you call them genius or lucky, seem to find a way to achieve annihilation they set out to do. And, as long as he uses his powers for good, the sky’s the limit for this ambitious superhero.

Published June 12, 2018 — 18:51 UTC

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