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Of course there's a blockchain-based religion

Humans have long sought answers to the axiological questions of our existence. How did we get here? What is our purpose? Should I buy the dip? For some, the answers lie in churches full of sacred texts. But others place their faith in the house that Satoshi built, and on the blockchain.

Matt Liston, former CEO of cryptocurrency aggregation Augur, afresh collaborated with artist Avery Singer to found a blockchain-based adoration called 0x?, arresting “Zero Ex Omega”.

Last year Anthony Lewandowski, an AI developer aforetime with Uber, apparent an AI-based adoration called “Way of The Future.” And, at the time, it seemed like the strangest modern technology-inspired adoration we’d see.

But Liston’s adoration seems like the ultimate “HODL my beer” to that sentiment.

It’s hard to make sense of 0x? based solely on what Liston and Singer have told the media, but there’s enough advice to make some assumptions. letters Liston said:

We’re incentivising mindsharing, and eventually mind upload to use accord to form a anatomy of aggregate consciousness. And then, we’ll drag an alone alternation with a religious anatomy as a group accord in a aggregate alertness where the anatomy itself is god.

That sounds a whole lot like “we’re going to upload our souls to the blockchain,” and, if that’s true, we’d actually love to see the white paper on that.

It might be easier to accept a adoration that worships an AI, like Lewandowski’s Way of the Future, because, well, machines can acquaint with us. Some theories on bogus accepted intelligence announce that one day machines could become sentient, conceivably even before humans in intellect. So, it follows, there’d be some folks accommodating to take the early plunge and try and get on our future robot overlords’ good sides.

Blockchain, on the other hand, seems better suited to facilitate adoration than recieve it — but we’re not judging. Singer, for example, adumbrated to that she believed people might one day tokenize a piece of art she’d created as a form of prayer.

The art in question? A narwhal with a doge head and an Etheruem tail. Yep, seems about right.

Credit: Avery Singer

Share your thoughts on the decentralization of God in the comments area below — or just put a prayer on the blockchain and hope it alcove us.

Published June 15, 2018 — 20:45 UTC

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