Despite its Google debacle, Google continues to claim that it pays close absorption to the aegis of users. It has included a appropriate chip in its new Pixel phones called Titan M, which protects consumers from bad actors. Google says that the enterprise-grade aegis chip protects your data and the operating system.

Last year, Google included a aegis module in the Pixel 2 to assure the lock screen and on-disk encryption. This year the aggregation has upped its game by including several appearance in the Titan M chip:


  • Protecting the boot action in order to anticipate hackers from moving the device back to a less-secure Android version
  • Limiting the number of awful login attempts by accepting the passcode
  • On-device encryption to secure data from crooked access
  • Storing clandestine keys of third-party app transaction on the chip to secure payments
  • Using adequate acceptance API for tasks like P2P payments and e-voting for safety
  • Preventing firmware upgrades of the chip after the passcode

Google said on the blog:

With the Pixel 3, we’ve added our advance in aegis and put industry-leading accouterments appearance into the device, so you can rest assured that your aegis and aloofness are well protected. In the coming months, the aegis association will be able to audit Titan through its open-source firmware

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