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You can pre-order Sirin Labs’ $1,000 blockchain phone, but there’s a catch

Believe it or not, the thousand-dollar, crypto-centric smartphone from Sirin Labs is absolutely here. It clearly launched today at an absolute event in Barcelona.

Blockchain fans are now able to place the first orders for the FINNEY, a fully-featured smartphone that comes complete with an anchored accouterments wallet for autumn cryptocurrency, priced at $999.


Sirin Labs also intends on affording users the power to catechumen cryptocurrency stored in the chip ‘cold wallet‘ with other agenda assets on the fly, having to collaborate with any exchanges.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and SRN – the firm’s native token – are the only cryptocurrencies currently accurate by the centralized barter service. Although, Sirin Labs did affiance to add abutment for more currencies moving forward.

Conversion rates amid cryptocurrencies will be apparent automatically by the phone through adapted ‘liquidity partners.’ A proprietary algorithm is said to actuate adapted arrangement fees by first checking congestion of the basal blockchains.

Both functions are managed by a new operating system, SIRIN OS, which the firm advertises as an “ultra-secure, Google-certified fork of Android.”

Below are all the juicy specs – it has 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage. Hard Fork is set to accept a FINNEY for testing – so keep an eye out for an all-encompassing review once we get one.

The aggregation also appear it is aperture two flagship abstraction stores soon. The first one will be in London, appointed to open next month, and a shop in Tokyo is said to be up-and-running in January 2019.

Sirin Labs mentioned the London store will be used as a “blockchain academy” for the cryptocurrency community, but at first glance it seems like an busy ‘scheme’ to get people who have no idea about blockchain to try out the FINNEY, more than a real academy.

Now, here’s the ultimate catch – you can absolutely order the FINNEY now, but you’ll only be able to pay for it in Sirin Labs’ own cryptocurrency.

The firm has promised “additional channels of payments” soon, including credit card, but hasn’t given a specific timeframe, except for the FINNEY being accessible through Amazon Launchpad from January onwards.

Oh, and I would be guilty of grave disservice if I didn’t share arguably the  of the whole affair – this ‘inspirational’ FINNEY advertisement featuring none other football megastar Leo Messi, who currently serves as a Sirin Labs brand ambassador.


Unfortunately, Sirin Labs’ momentous break has been baby by recent news of its co-founder and co-CEO, Moshe Hogeg, continuing accused of misappropriating broker funds raised via two antecedent coin offerings. The Times of Israel letters Hogeg is countersuing, clearly abstinent the claims.

Published November 29, 2018 — 19:00 UTC

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