Google is allegedly alive to advance native abutment for Nintendo‘s Switch controllers within Chrome. Could this be a sign of things to come for Project Stream?

A afresh apparent commit in Google‘s Chromium Gerrit page proposes to “improve abutment for Nintendo Switch gamepads.” First spotted by  and Owen Williams, it would advance abutment for Switch Pro controllers (which are currently accurate on Linux) and give abutment for Joy-Con, either through Bluetooth or through a charging grip ambassador absorbed via USB. By itself, this would seem like a somewhat random addition, but it does bring to mind some absorbing possibilities.

Google is accepted to reveal article game-related at this years Game Developers Conference — it’s all but screamed that fact with connected teases and a recently-uncovered patent for a game controller. It’s most likely to be article accompanying to Project Stream, the in-browser game alive account it appear last year. In case you missed it, Project Stream is a account that allows you to stream AAA games to your Chrome window. The aggregation offered a trial in the closing months of 2018 that accustomed gamers to play then-new in Chrome.

We heard a few days ago of a patent Google filed for its own game controller, which artlessly raised belief on whether this ambassador was accurately for Project Stream. If this is any indication, it seems like it’s not necessarily putting all the eggs in its own basket, as far as controllers go. One of the allowances of a cloud-streaming account like Project Stream is accessibility — and what could be more acceptable than being able grab whichever game ambassador you have at hand and use it to play? It’d be a trip using a Joy-Con to play the likes of or .

Of course, there’s a less likely but more agitative proposition: that Nintendo games might become part of Project Stream’s library. Imagine being able to play or  in your Chrome browser? Like I said, not likely — Nintendo is not absolutely the type to allow its games to be played just anywhere. But a gamer can absolutely dream.

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