Google appears to be assuredly basic an easy way to share files across a array of devices, including Android phones and Chromebooks, according to a new report by 9to5Google.

The affection — dubbed Fast Share — is set to alter the NFC-based Android Beam administration method Google alien with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in 2011. Google has accepted its plans to bemoan the API in the final adaptation of Android Q appointed for absolution later this year.

The alternative, instead, will advantage the Nearby account in Google Play Services to allow you share to accessories around you after an internet connection. Fast Share will use Bluetooth to ascertain and authorize contact, and then after alteration files over a direct Wi-Fi connection.

You’ll find the ambience to launch the administration action — if you have the option — in > > .


From the report, it appears Google intends for Fast Share to action a lot like AirDrop in iOS and macOS. So, if you want to share a photo or a file, all you have to do is select the files you want and pick “Fast Share” from the share sheet menu. From there, you can choose the target device. Google’s share targets accommodate Chromebooks, other Android devices, smartwatches, and even iPhones.

Google’s Files app for Android already does article similar, but it also requires that the app be downloaded on the almsman device to take advantage of the feature. That limitation also makes it a lot less useful than a system-wide affection that works across assorted platforms.

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