Microsoft’s new baby, the animate codenamed Project Scarlett, is currently accepting the lion’s share of attention. Despite not having a alive model to show, Microsoft lavished the next-gen device with showtime during E3, including the world’s vaguest sizzle reel ever. But that might not be the only animate the company’s alive on — and if it isn’t, we might not know until after Google’s streaming-only Stadia “console” comes out.

‘s Brad Sams appear last week that Microsoft might still be alive on an xCloud console, long-rumored to be in development. Originally, the word on the street was that Microsoft was alive on two consoles — codenamed “Anaconda” and “Lockhart.” “Anaconda” later became Scarlett, and here we are today.

Xbox‘s Phil Spencer said in a recent account with that Project Scarlett was the only next-gen animate the aggregation was alive on for the time being — he even said the advantage of the delivery in the aboriginal letters was apropos to the agenda Xbox One S that came out beforehand this year in accession to Scarlett. So that would seem to put an end to Lockhart — but Microsoft could just be cat-and-mouse to let Stadia be the test case before either announcement it or putting austere anticipation into it.

If completed, this console‘s primary antagonism would be the likes of Google’s Stadia, addition animate that’s advised to be as hardware-light as possible. But since Google doesn’t have annihilation other than Stadia to focus on, it can make the best adaptation of Stadia accessible (whether it will is addition story). So Stadia makes a much better test case for a streaming-only animate than does a abate Xbox that will be overshadowed by the more big-ticket Scarlett.

Think about it: if you were Microsoft, and you had the option of blame your expensive, able new animate and putting the cheaper, digital-only animate on the backburner until after addition aggregation appear their own, very agnate adaptation of the latter — wouldn’t you do it?

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