Microsoft’s cloud services has run into a fresh roadblock in Germany, after the state of Hesse ruled it is actionable for its schools to use Office 365 citing “privacy concerns.”

The Hesse Commissioner for Data Aegis and Freedom of Advice (HBDI) ruled that using the accepted cloud platform’s accepted agreement exposes claimed advice about acceptance and agents “to abeyant access by US authorities.”

In declaring that Windows 10 and Office 365 is not adjustable with EU General Data Aegis Regulation (GDPR) for use in schools, this development ends years of debate over whether “schools can use Microsoft’s Office 365 software in acquiescence with data aegis regulations.”

The heart of the issue apropos the telemetry advice sent by Windows 10 operating system and the company’s cloud band-aid back to the US.

This advice can accommodate annihilation from approved software analytic data to user agreeable from Office applications, such as email accountable lines and sentences from abstracts where the company’s adaptation or spellchecker tools were used.

Collection of such advice is a abuse of GDPR laws that came into effect last May.

While Microsoft ahead provided a adaptation of these applications that stored such advice in a German data center, the ruling noted that Microsoft shut down the area as of August 2018 — meaning, the telemetry data was once again being transmitted to US data centers, potentially giving US admiral the rights to access it.

Pointing out that the use of cloud applications in itself is not the botheration as long as pupils’ accord and the aegis of the data processing is guaranteed, HBDI’s Michael Ronellenfitsch raised apropos about whether schools can store claimed data of accouchement in the cloud.

But since school accouchement cannot accommodate accord by themselves, the data processing is actionable under GDPR law.

“Public institutions in Germany have a appropriate albatross apropos the accommodation and traceability of the processing of claimed data,” Ronellenfitsch said.

European apropos about data transmitted to the US are not new. In a bid to ascendancy its agenda sovereignty, France launched its own secure government-only chat app called Tchap beforehand this April to anticipate admiral from using WhatsApp. Even India is said to be exploring article along agnate lines.

Ronellenfitsch said the ruling activated to Google and Apple, advertence their cloud solutions haven’t been fully cellophane either.

This finer leaves schools with few other options, unless Microsoft gets back to them with a satisfactory solution.

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