Apple today appear more about its accessible Arcade game account as part of its September reveal — namely that the account is closer to launch than we ever realized. It’ll launch in over 150 countries on September 19.

It also appear its price point — namely, that Arcade will set the whole family back $4.99 a month. You’ll also have access to a free trial, and the account will have 100 games at launch. Arcade will now be in its own tab on the App Store, and visiting it will give subscribers access not only to the games, but to game recommendations, trailers, and guides.


Apple also appear several of the games that’ll be accessible to Arcade users that have heretofore not been seen. My admired has to be , which looks like a cartoonish take on the archetypal game, but we’ll also be seeing  and Annapurna’s pop rhythm game 


Arcade is Apple’s big push into the gaming world — the aggregation was assertive during the show that no aggregation has ever launched a belvedere with so many games available. Apple has shown it’s accommodating to both attempt with the industry stalwarts incorporate their controllers into its system.

The price is also pretty competitive, which will help put it ahead. Most casework are currently ablution — or have already launched — their own cable services. Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, Google and others are already aggressive Arcade for gamer’s beat coffers, but such a low price might tempt them to invest in one more.

Many of Arcade’s games will be absolute to the platform. Subscribers will be able to use Arcade on mobile devices, desktops, and TVs.

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