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MacOS Catalina is attainable for download now

If you’ve been cat-and-mouse for the latest update to macOS, here’s your chance: Catalina is attainable for download now.

The new OS was clearly appear this June, with the public beta coming out later the same month. Today it rolls out, a little later than is usual for Mac updates (which about come out in late September), but still acceptable all the same.

Catalina brings a few new features, with one of the better being Catalyst. This action allows developers to build versions of iPad apps accordant with Mac, finer acceptance them to create apps for two platforms. Apple teased that several iPad apps will get the Catalyst treatment, including, “Twitter, TripIt, Post-It, GoodNotes and Jira.” Similarly, a new affection called Sidecar allows you to use your iPad as a second screen for your Mac — one of the allowances of this being that Apple Pencil will work with Mac by proxy, the iPad acting as a cartoon board for it.

One of Catalina’s other claims to fame is the accession of Apple Arcade. We’ve already tried Apple’s gaming endeavor on iOS, where I was afflicted by the array of games on offer. Those games are now available, via Arcade, on Mac, which means I can now lose hours of time gaming on of my cyberbanking devices. Games are synced across devices, acceptation you can pick up where you left off from one device to another.

In abate news, this is also the update that’ll bring the absolute death of iTunes on Mac. It’s been replaced with Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV apps. Conversely, the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps have been abridged into a single app called “Find My.”

Other, less flashy updates accommodate the accession of Screen Time for Macs, which allows you to adviser app usage across all your accessories (and, with the accession of Family Sharing, those of your relatives). Catalina is also the first macOS that users can run absolutely with their voices. Apple claims the accession will make Macs more attainable for less nimble readers. The accession of hover text is analogously advised to help those with vision problems.

It’s not the most absolute update Apple has ever put out for Mac, but it’s absolutely got lots of good stuff. I downloaded it the moment I saw it was an option, if only because I wanted to play some of my Arcade games on a bigger screen. That said, if you’re game-happy like me, beware: not every game is attainable for Mac. I couldn’t find , still my admired alms in Arcade, on the Catalina Arcade store.

Catalina is attainable now for all Macs from 2012 or newer.

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Published October 7, 2019 — 20:49 UTC

macOS Catalina is attainable today on Apple

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