The US city of Atlanta, Georgia declared last week that contractors alive on behalf of Google used confusing, advancing approach to accomplishment black people in order to obtain their affinity for facial acceptance AI research. Now Google‘s responded, saying the contractors were administering work related to the Pixel 4’s face unlock feature, and that it’s abeyant the program.

The analysis in catechism was conducted by acting workers for Randstad, a aggregation under arrangement with Google. The cold was to get people with darker skin tones to agree to record videos of themselves, on the temps’ devices, so that their image and affinity could be sequenced for an AI training database.

In return for signing away the rights to their own face and aiding the architecture of a database that could be used by bad actors to advance surveillance and tracking systems – in this case, targeted at the black association – capacity accustomed a five-dollar gift card from Starbucks.

The apprenticed workers active advancing techniques including fast-talking to advisedly abash their targets and, in some cases, absolute lied.

The New York Daily News broke the story and spoke with several sources who allegedly worked on the project. According to it’s report:

[Contractors] were encouraged to rush capacity through survey questions and a accord acceding and walk away if people started to get suspicious, the for-hire workers said.

“One of the days of training was basically architecture a cant that distracts the user from the actual task at hand as much as possible,” one of the former workers told The News.

“The phrase ‘mini-game’ was brought up a lot,” the former staffer who worked in Los Angeles said.

Workers were told to target abandoned people because they “didn’t know what was going on,” and other marginalized groups who were less likely to object over aloofness apropos or altercate things with the media. Furthermore, some workers appear being incentivized with the befalling to become full time advisers if they met their quotas.

The data was allegedly meant to help the Pixel 4 team make the accessible phone’s face unlock affection better.

Google’s response to the altercation has been to admit that it’s trying to get data to affected the inherent bias adjoin non-white faces when it comes to facial recognition. But the aggregation claims it was apprenticed to the contractors’ methods and will append the project.

It’ll be absorbing to see how Google moves forward in its advancing efforts to create a database of black faces for facial recognition research — base the abandoned didn’t work, conceivably it’ll accede trying article next.

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