Google wants search to be the center of aggregate you do. Now, in a analytic next step to make its search articles the access point for all agreeable on the web, the internet goliath is axis its focus to healthcare.

David Feinberg, the afresh appointed head of its Google Health initiative, categorical plans to make it easier for doctors to search medical records, and advance the affection of health-focused search after-effects across Google and YouTube.

“Imagine a search bar on top of your EHR (electronic health record) that needs no training,” Feinberg said at the HLTH health care appointment in Las Vegas last week.

According to Feinberg, the search bar will allegedly allow doctors to type into it, with the system automatically announcement adapted responses to the queries. For example, a doctor could just type the number “87” to return capacity about an 87-year-old accommodating with a history of abdomen cancer.

It’s not anon clear how much of the system has been actually built, but break are that Mountain View is creating a abstracted landing page agnate to Google Flights, but accurately for health search.

Feinberg was hired last November to baby-sit the tech giant’s burst health initiatives — including Google Fit, health-oriented appearance in Google Search, G Suite for healthcare businesses, AI-based health analysis offerings, and Alphabet subsidiaries DeepMind Health, Verily, and Calico.

This isn’t including its acquisitions of Nest, Senosis, and Fitbit, all of which are likely to factor in its long term play in the $3 abundance healthcare sector in the US.

But Google’s parent Alphabet is far from the only technology aggregation that has made moves in health in recent times. Apple (medical clinics), Amazon (prescriptive medicine), Facebook (health reminders), and Uber (medical transit) have all taken beginning steps into the industry that are accepted to abide in the coming years.

That’s not all. Earlier this July, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft joined hands with some of the better health insurers and hospitals in an action to accommodate consumers with easier access to their medical information.

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