This month marks a year since bags of Google advisers and contractors from around the world — most of whom were mainly women — protested adjoin the tech giant in a “walkout” amid claims of its administration of sexual aggravation allegations, among other claims including gender-based bigotry and racism. 

Yesterday, Alphabet’s board of admiral launched an analysis into how Google’s admiral handle claims of sexual aggravation and other misconduct. As first appear by CNBC, the board has formed an absolute subcommittee to look into the tech giant’s issues. It also hired an alien law firm to assist with the investigation. 

“As has already been accepted in public court filings, in early 2019, Alphabet’s Board of Admiral formed a appropriate action board to accede claims made by shareholders in assorted lawsuits apropos to past abode conduct,” an Alphabet agent said in a account to CNBC. 

Over the past year, assorted letters of sexual aggravation and delinquency alike at the tech giant. Andy Rubin, one of the founders of Android, was reportedly forced to resign after allegations of “coercing addition Google agent into assuming oral sex in a hotel room in 2013.” Back in January, Alphabet shareholders sued the board for allegedly accoutrement up Rubin’s sexual misconduct. A report by The New York Times found that Google had paid Rubin $90 actor after an centralized analysis found the sexual advance claims to be credible.

Also, Google’s chief legal officer, David Drummond, was appear to have had an affair with a former Google lawyer, Jennifer Blakely, which violates the company’s policies. The list continues with Amit Singhal, a former senior search vice president, whom Google accepted that it had paid out $15 actor in severance after he was accused of sexual harassment. 

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