It appears Stadia rocks a little too hard for some of the accouterments its declared to work on, in this case some Chromecast Ultras. That’s not likely to be a botheration if Stadia becomes as all-over as Google’s planning, but it’s adverse because the Ultra is part of Google’s countdown Stadia package.

Some users on the Stadia Reddit have appear their Chromecast Ultras overheating and shutting off while they’re arena games with Stadia. The accessories run acutely hot when this happens. We don’t have enough data on their letters to figure out if it’s Stadia that’s the botheration or a defect with the Chromecasts.

I’m not decidedly afraid — I’ve used boilerplate Chromecasts more than I have Chromecast Ultras, but they’re not absolutely the most robust pieces of tech in the world. I’ve managed to make mine overheat with a decidedly fierce binge-watching of , so a long haul playthrough of would apparently fry the little hockey puck.

This shouldn’t be a great accident for Stadia players, though, as the service’s whole is that Stadia players aren’t tied to a single device… “play anywhere,” truly. So you don’t have to use the Ultra to play, if yours overheats too much. I’d be analytical to see if Stadia does this to any of the other accessories it works on.

But still, it’s agreeable because the Chromecast Ultra bundle is the only accessible adaptation of Stadia. Until the wholly cloud-based adaptation of the account launches next year, the only way to even access Stadia is to buy a adaptation that includes an Ultra. It’s like a animate that’s not a animate — and since it’s not built to purpose, it might not even be able to handle the games.

If this were the only botheration facing Stadia players, I’d say the account has had a decent launch. And indeed, from what we’ve seen, the account runs more or less as Google says it does. Still, players report that the games in catechism look much less amazing on Stadia than they do on consoles, and others report cessation issues (though, to be fair, others say they’ve had no botheration with cessation in their games).

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