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We forced an actual artist to review our writers’ DIY commodity images

Here at TNW we do commodity most other large tech sites don’t: get our writers to create their own commodity images.

If you take a quick glance at other big news outlets, you’ll see the majority of images have a very stock photo feel to them. But not at TNW. Here, we’re all about DIY commodity images.

Why? Well, by making our own visual art, we — the writers —get to add addition aspect to our stories. We can amplitude our artistic muscles, use the medium of image to highlight a specific aspect of our story, create a vibe, or, regularly, make ourselves laugh.

Despite the adroitness decrepit off our DIY commodity images like fat from a hog roast, there is a subsect of association that doesn’t really like them: clear designers. It’s hard to know if this is because of their annoyance over our apathy for their lame “guidelines” or if it’s because of their envy over our “creativity.”

But, this meant one thing: we had to get a artist to review some of our DIY commodity images. And sometimes guess what the hell the article‘s about.

Specifically, we got in animator, photographer, games designer, and all round good guy James Wragg. You can check out his work here, and give him a follow on Cheep here.

Without added ado, let’s find out what he had to say!

This admirable bit of design is from a piece advantaged ‘We analyzed Pablo Escobar’s brother’s folding phone promo video.’ The faces from left to right are: Tim Cook, the author, Pablo Escobar, the author, and the author.

This is what Wragg had to say:

  [Editor’s note: it was not]

I’m gonna put that down as a absolute review. You can’t stop me.

This DIY commodity image was created by David Canellis for an commodity advantaged ‘TRX Q3 2019: Justin Sun’s canceled Warren Buffett lunch did its price no favors.’

No, I don’t know what that means either, but such is life.

Without any of this contextual information, Wragg put his abundant design brain to the task and had this to say:

Well, fuck you too, James.

This archetype of our DIY commodity images — which is from the ‘Facebook is allure publishers with multi-million dollar deals to launch its news tab this fall‘ commodity — was created by Ivan. Let’s find out what Mr. Wragg thought:

Can’t disagree with that.

This gem is from our piece where we told people how to watch Google’s latest Pixel event. That’s called a public service, suckers. This is what our design friend, James Wragg, anticipation of the effort:

[Editor’s note: it’s Sundar Pichai, ahead Google CEO, now Alphabet CEO];

Inspiring words. I’m starting to feel our DIY commodity images are absolutely good now.

Can you guess what commodity this is from? Damn straight, it’s ‘The change of sex toys: From 30,000-year old stone dildos to hi-tech vibrators‘ from our very own Cara.

This is one of my admired of our DIY commodity images, but let’s see if James feels the same way:

Wow. You know what? I fully accepted Wragg to animosity the large majority of these, so I’m absolutely activity a warm glow of achievement overextension over my entire body.

Is TNW‘s affection image style for everyone? Of course not, but annihilation cool, interesting, and unique is for everyone; it’s for cool, interesting, and unique people. .

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Published December 26, 2019 — 10:00 UTC

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