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Segway teases electric motorbike and it screams like a banshee

Segway, the brand known for making those self-balancing busline accessories for Silicon Valley nerds, is going out on a limb into the motorcycle market.

In an overly affecting video, spotted by industry annual Visor Down, Segway teased its Apex electric motorcycle.

The Apex is appear to have a 0-100 time of 2.9 abnormal and top out at 201kph (ca. 125mph). Sadly though, there has been no acknowledgment of the kind of range that the batteries will deliver. That’s kind of an important accomplishment in the world of electric vehicles.

In the video, a motorcyclist can be seen putting in a “hot lap” to the high-pitch shrill of the Apex’s electric motor. For old-school bikers that love a absonant sound amid their legs the Apex’s electric whine might not go down too well.

As commenters of the video point out, the rider acutely takes the lap pretty steady, allurement the catechism if it was the bike or the pilot that wasn’t quite up to the job.

A apparent account is that the bike isn’t production-ready yet as it’s just a concept.

But if you did like the sound of the Apex, it might not be that far from production. Motoring publications RideApart and Jalopnik have accent the Apex appears to have a number of similarities with the anatomy of the well accustomed Yamaha R6 motorbike.

It could be a sign of things to come from the Chinese-owned busline firm.

Segway has been aberration out into new areas of carriage tech in recent years. It already produces stand-on electric scooters, has a line of off-road “powersports” hybrid vehicles, and apparent an electric dirt bike appear the end of last year.

Despite abundant abstraction vehicles, motorcycle firms have been acting when it comes to developing electric bikes, though.

So, will annihilation come of the Segway Apex? We’ll have to sit tight for now, but one thing’s for sure, the abstraction is going down a storm.

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Published January 3, 2020 — 11:02 UTC

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