A recent report from Bloomberg appear that Amazon‘s agreement action during its recent failed bid to build a second address (HQ2) in New York and Virginia was internally referred to as “Fuck you. We’re Amazon.”

In 2017 Amazon appear it had begun a global search for a city to host HQ2 behest hundreds of cities to submit bids. A media circus bound ensued and a absoluteness TV-style atmosphere amidst the entire event as Amazon slowly whittled its list down to 20 top choices. Eventually, it absitively to split HQ2 amid New York and Virginia.

Unfortunately for Amazon, it only adjourned with top-level state admiral and left local adopted politicians out of the loop. Bloomberg’s Spencer Soper, Matt Day, and Henry Goldman write:

Before going public, Amazon agilely tied up real estate deals and government agreements in the two locations, alert that local real estate prices could spike if the media got wind of it. The prioritization of clandestineness over architecture alliances proved fatal in New York.

Ultimately, the HQ2 activity failed because Amazon was bound in their negotiations. A large constituency of voters in New York are pro-union and their assembly are keenly aware of this fact. Amazon initially banned to capitulate to politicians’ requests that it pledge to remain aloof in the event that workers moved appear unionizing or chose to participate in union endeavors.

Further political action by those admiral who were initially blind-sided by the deal lead to its abolition and adjourned the company’s hopes for a giant New York payout.

Per Bloomberg’s sources, the aggregation set out accurately to obtain a large-dollar advertisement with the HQ2 activity after Amazon architect and CEO Jeff Bezos behest annoyance over Tesla CEO Elon Musk‘s adeptness to pit US states into behest wars for the rights to host his factories.

This allegedly led to the awkward agreement action that advisers used when discussing HQ2 with abeyant cities.

Bezos and Amazon appear to be at greater odds with the US government than the other big tech companies in the trillion-dollar sphere. While Google and Facebook have both taken their fair share of heat from Congress, Amazon can’t seem to catch a break. Hell, it’s reportedly even paying taxes this year.

Not only did it lose a sure-thing in a done deal in New York and Virginia after “Fuck You. We’re Amazon” failed to affect New Yorkers, but it also had a advantageous Pentagon arrangement all but sewed up when, acutely out of the blue, the US government absitively to award the arrangement to Microsoft.