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NASA wants the auto industry to build its next Moon rover

NASA beforehand this week appear an official arrangement analysis gluttonous help from the auto industry in designing a new Moon rover.

While this isn’t absolutely out of appearance for NASA, we anticipation the timing was interesting. After all, if there’s one agent that screams “I belong on the Moon,” it’s Tesla‘s afresh apparent Cybertruck.

In case you missed it, this meme-of-a-truck is absolutely a real thing that Tesla CEO Elon Musk forced a team of allegedly accomplished engineers to design and make:

Cybertruck is an electric agent that does zero-to-sixty in about two seconds, has really strong windows (sometimes), and looks like what a DMC DeLorean would evolve into if it were a Pokemon.

The point is: does anyone out there think NASA will give the gig to any aggregation other than Tesla? Sure there’s precedent; Audi advised a rover and GM’s worked with NASA for years. But these days Elon Musk is the belle of NASA‘s ball as his SpaceX aggregation continues to play a growing role in the agency’s future plans.

NASA intends to meet the President’s charge in putting humans back on the Moon by 2024 and, were this to be the case, those folks will need some busline if they want to get any work done on the surface.

The official NASA appeal can be found here. It states that the government seeks a agent that’s electric and able of active autonomously. That sounds like a job for Tesla‘s Autopilot – which, normally, we bash over its ambiguous name. In this case, however, there’s little chance that astronauts will put the public in danger by misusing their driver abetment appearance on the Moon.

But, as Amazon afresh found out when Microsoft won the bid for the Pentagon’s JEDI contract, there’s no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to the US government. It’s accessible any aggregation with a decent pitch could wind up with the next rover design.

Although, we do have some suggestions if NASA boss Jim Bridenstine is reading.

First, have you advised going with Land Rover? It’s the only aggregation on Earth that could actively make a artefact called the “Moon Rover” after attractive basic.

Other options could accommodate above the auto industry all-together. What about Jony Ive (iRover?), we hear he’s available, or having the Bioware team come up with a design. Unpopular opinion: The Mako from Mass Effect was, is, and always will be the greatest space buggy ever made:

Credit: Mass Effect Fandom Wiki

But, in the end, we all know that Cybertruck is the Batmobile the Moon needs, even if we deserve it more here on Earth.

Published February 7, 2020 — 20:50 UTC

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