Let me take you back to a time before iPhones, Game of Thrones, and Netflix. The year is 1989. The hairstyles are big and curly. The earrings are huge. George H. W. Bush is sworn in as the 41st admiral of the United States. A Chinese man stands alone to block a line of tanks branch east in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Berlin Wall comes down. Madonna is singing “Like a Prayer” and movies like “Good morning, Vietnam” and “Die hard” have been released.

Around that time, three company’s, Nintendo, Sega , and Atari, appear handheld game consoles. The first of their kind. Before that, kids had to go alfresco and play, and adults commuting had to read books or talk to the person sitting next to them. Crazy stuff.

Nintendo appear the Game Boy, Sega the Game Gear, and Atari released Lynx. Both the Game Gear and the Lynx had full-color backlit screens, a total of 4096 colors. The Game Boy had 4 shades of gray on a greenish screen and it was not backlit. The Game Gear and Lynx had nice handles where the user could hold the animate and ascendancy the buttons. The Game Boy was unergonomic and tiny.

Based on this information, which game animate would you buy? Hint. One of the consoles sold 180,7 actor copies while the other ones sold 3 and 10,67 actor copies.