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Why your brand should be on Giphy — what you need to know about GIF SEO

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Why your brand should be on Giphy — what you need to know about GIF SEO

Carrie Rose
Story by
Carrie Rose

GIF SEO is a thing! Missguided‘s GIF content has accustomed 2.1 billion views and Gymshark receiving 125 actor because of this. Optimizing your GIF content to rank #1 is unchartered area for so many brands, making it easy to own! Here’s how…

“Carrie, I’m apprehensive if you can help? We’ve spent hundreds of bags of £££ creating video, ad, and attack agreeable in the past, all to be used once and never again! What can we do with it so it doesn’t go to waste?”

I’ve been asked this catechism a fair few times, with brands now more than ever attractive at multi-platform marketing. Although there are quite absolutely so many things you can do with already absolute content, one of the most simplest answers is Giphy.

Did you know that Giphy is the second better search engine in the world, by total searches? Over 10 billion images are served every single day.

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If you’re a brand with video agreeable alignment from celebrity or expert interviews, Q and A sessions, office tours, staff socials, artefact shoots, behind the scenes attack shots, or promotional ad content. Do you wonder what more you could be doing with it? Well, this commodity is for you.

Digital action is more important now than ever, with social media and SEO being at the heart or even alpha of it for many brands. But actually, some social media platforms are more of a game of SEO – such as Pinterest, YouTube, and now Giphy.

Like Google, Giphy works just like any other search engine with algorithms that decide which agreeable to rank the accomplished in the search results. If you can get your GIF content to rank for keywords that are allusive to your brand, you could earn hundreds of millions of views and impressions.

We all spend our time annual and acquirements about how we apparatus the latest SEO strategies and approach – so is GEO (GIF SEO) even worth your efforts and if so, how would you even apparatus it?

How do people use GIFs?

Remeber: Users don’t just use GIFs on, they also use them (from Giphy) on Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even slack. The number of GIFs used every day is in the billions and this has angled year on year. Giphy GIFs reach 10 billion people a day – that’s more than Cheep and Snapchat combined, and more than 25% of Instagram Stories now also accommodate a GIF.


ROI (return of investment) is accordingly mainly views and impressions – so although its rare they drive traffic, it is a free way of accepting your brand out there for consumers to see. Because of this, more brands are jumping on the Giphy appearance such as our own client Missguided, and Gymshark too.

Giphy is being leveraged as a austere business approach – here’s how you can do this too

On Giphy – you can create and upload video agreeable and make them into short GIFs, to then be used hopefully by millions. But first, you need to create a brand channel. This is free and easy to set up but before your GIFs can be about accessible in search, you’ll need to have a absolute brand channel. To get a absolute brand Giphy channel, follow this guide.

The appliance action is easy; you just need to prove you’re a accepted company, have a able website, a modest social media following, and upload 5-10 aboriginal (quality) GIFs to your account. It about takes 2-14 days to get absolute and then you’re ready to go across all platforms including social media.

How to optimize your gif agreeable to get it to rank

The mechanics of accepting your agreeable to rank at the top is absolutely quite simple but antagonism is acutely high.

When you upload a gif, you get asked to add # tags accordant to the agreeable and accordant to the keywords you want to rank for. You can add a best of 10 tags – so allotment which to focus on first is super important here. After all, you’ve spent this time creating the gifs – let’s make sure people absolutely see and use them.

For archetype – say I’m attractive for a gif that includes addition doing a “gym flex.” You can see here that Gymshark dominates this search, with their branded gif baronial no.1 amidst 6,800 gifs to choose from. As a result – they’ve landed 857,000 views from that one GIF. You’ll also notice that it’s near absurd to find a Gymshark GIF after seeing their logo in one way or another. This is on point to really push the brand and own annihilation gym accompanying when it comes to social content.

gym flex giphy screenshot

See the use of tags here that helped get this to rank!

Giphy also doesn’t differentiate amid admixture words or phrases at this time. So single words only in search help. However, if you want to rank for a two-word phrase like “gym flex” make sure to accommodate these tags alone (like the archetype above) or with a space like #gym flex.

GIF search engines also use image acceptance technology to assay GIF agreeable to actuate what the GIF is about. This is why it’s so important to make the capacity of your GIF accompanying to your target keywords.

If a GIF includes a text explanation within it’s looping video clip, the GIF search engine will pick up on this advice and actuate that this GIF is accompanying to whatever words are in the caption. Such as this is clear that this is a leg day post – ranks high and has accordingly accomplished 4.8 actor views.


SO, how do you do this?

First of all, let’s not focus on baronial for your brand name. Although this is a minimum claim – naturally, the search volume on your brand name is apparently low in GIF search engines. This isn’t because your brand isn’t that exciting. It’s because most people are using GIFs in conversations, unfortunately, aren’t talking about your brand (yet).

And secondly, we need to be realistic. How easy is it going to be to rank 1 for a gif when there are over a billion other gifs to attempt with?

For example, if you are a sports brand, you may not be able to get a high baronial GIF for a keyword like “sports,” as it’s a aggressive keyword (281,000 results).

However, you may have a better chance of baronial for “kick up” (71,000 results) or “goal” (43,000 results). 

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add your branded tags. Absolutely do this. The best convenance is to add your branded keywords to every GIF you upload but focus or accent the low competition, high accommodation keywords first to get your agreeable seen.

 So what keywords should you be including in the tags and have a good chance at baronial for? This is where keyword analysis comes in.

How to get Giphy search volumes?

The short simple answer is. – you can’t (yet). Tenor (Giphy’s competitor) does offer a very topline insights section into gif search volumes – mainly assuming whether that key term is within the top 100, 1000, or 10,000th searched for gif term on their site. But what you can find out is antagonism based on the number of after-effects in the Giphy ‘SERPS’ and number of views for baronial 1st.

If I was a sports brand as an archetype “Kick Up” has 71,000 after-effects and the most accordant no.1 result has 393,000 views. Whereas “Goal” 43,000 results, with the astral gif landing 13.9 actor views. Accordingly you have a better chance of attempting to rank for “Goal” in this instance.

But if you like to keep it simple, rank competitiveness based on the total number of GIFs uploaded as either Low (less than 2,500), Medium (2,500 – 10,000), or High (10,000 ).

We at Rise at Seven have a system which ranks the Giphy keywords you should be targeting based on competitiveness and views data.

So when will I start to see my Gif agreeable rank?

Once you’ve uploaded the gif agreeable and attributed the tags, the GIF search engine will begin testing out each of your GIFs in amoebic search after-effects to see how they perform. It will look at views, shares, click-through rate and accommodation and will decide whether to advance or demote your GIF in search after-effects for each keyword.

This is one form of social media optimization – it’s altered across every channel!

How is Giphy tied into search?

If you’re analytic whether you should spend your admired time and effort on optimizing GIF agreeable – then its apparently not for you (yet).

Brands that value impressions as a metric are apparently going to be the ones more absorbed in implementing this as a strategy. As search marketers, ultimately we want to aftermath useful agreeable and accessories that you bethink the brand and come back. Giphy is part of that journey, architecture the brand and auspicious branded search from the beginning.

Gymshark doesn’t rank in the top 3 for “gym leggings” in Google. But their brand is that strong that last year they turned over over £176million. How? They’ve also been a social led business, with a huge brand and strong association worldwide. So for a aggressive brand like that – Giphy is a key part of their strategy. The gifs add value to customers’ conversations, they make you part of affect on social media and simply help put you at the alpha of consumer’s minds.

Don’t forget more than 10 billion GIFs are served each day.

GIFs are a brand acquaintance play.

GIF business is a growing approach with many people using it every day, but many brands not alive how to utilise it, or utilise it well. In the next few years, we will see advancements in technology that allows added acceptance of GIF and increases the value that GIFs can bring as a business channel. And that’s when things will get competitive.

Be ahead now. Why wait?

Let’s go!

Appear May 19, 2020 — 18:30 UTC

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