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ves huge dataset that teaches AI systems to use racist, misogynistic slurs","socialDescription":"MIT has taken offline a massive and highly-cited dataset that accomplished AI systems to use racist and misogynistic terms to call people, The Register reports. The training set \u2014 called 80 Million Tiny Images, as that\u2019s how many labeled images it\u2019s aching from Google Images \u2014 was created in 2008 to advance avant-garde object apprehension [\u2026]\n","datetime":"2020-07-01T18:36:08 00:00","author":"Georgina Ustik","adTargeting":{"postId":1302758,"category":"neural","sponsorName":"","isSponsoredPost":"No","isSponsoredCategory":"No"}}], "category": "neural", "adTargeting": { "postId": 1302758, "category": "neural", "sponsorName": "", "isSponsoredPost": "Yes" , "isSponsoredCategory": "No" } };

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