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Elon Musk reveals Berlin-made Tesla Model Y will get its new batteries first

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Elon Musk reveals Berlin-made Tesla Model Y will get its new batteries first

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Tesla head honcho Elon Musk appear in a tweet that the aggregation is alive on new, more able EV batteries that it aims to begin using in its accessible Gigafactory near Berlin.

Musk noted that when the Berlin plant — which will likely open next year — will use a larger annular 4680 format cell in its new structural array pack. The aggregation had apparent this cell design at its recent Array Day event last month.

We’d ahead abstruse that this fourth Gigafactory is slated to begin bearing a revamped Model Y with a “radical redesign” of its “core technology” in the second half of 2021, so that’s where this array will be implemented.

He added that this move will acquaint some assembly risk, and that it’ll take a couple of years for Tesla‘s Fremont- and Shanghai-based plants to adopt this technology.

Electrek noted that this is a major change for the way this car is manufactured, as Musk mentioned new casting for the 4680; the vehicle’s rear and front underbody will need to be produced in  single pieces of casting and linked with the array pack, rather than ascent said array pack on a chassis.

The move should not only make for a more able array and added range, but also a 56% abridgement in cost per kWh. That could eventually give the aggregation an edge in aggressive with rival EV makers in the coming years.

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Published October 8, 2020 — 06:04 UTC

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