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Lotus ditching hybrid drivetrain for all-electric power in accessible SUV

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Lotus ditching hybrid drivetrain for all-electric power in accessible SUV

An SUV driver's car, hold me back!

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British sports car maker Lotus is alteration its tune in more ways than one as it prepares to launch an all-electric SUV in the next few years.

What was originally pegged to be powered by a hybrid drivetrain, Lotus‘ accessible SUV code-named “Lambda” will reportedly be absolutely array powered, featuring two electric motors, Autocar writes.

Two variants are planned for the Lamda, a 600 application base model and a 750 application flagship. Current estimates advance the agent will have a range of over 360 miles, although engineers have their eyes on accretion that number if possible. As such, the SUV is accepted to go toe-to-toe with the likes of the Tesla Model X.

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Hardcore Lotus fans might be anxious about the brand’s alteration to making bigger, heavier, less sporty cartage — characteristics that are absolutely un-Lotus.

But the arena field is changing, with gasoline cartage set to be banned in the near future, the Norfolk-based carmaker needs to move with the times like every other car brand and pivot to low discharge drivetrains. It needs to go electric.

Thankfully, though, those in charge are well aware of how Lotus made its name and what drivers expect from its cars.

Despite being owned by Geely, the Chinese bunch that also owns Volvo and Polestar, development of the Lambda is being led by Lotus‘ engineers based in Hethel, Norfolk. Even with a heavy battery, engineers are absorption on making the Lambda as light as it can possibly be.

In 2017, Geely’s head of design Peter Horbury said: “I’m sure if you’re calling it a Lotus, it has to be the lightest it can be of that genre.”

Lotus‘ SUV comes as part of a connected advance from its parent company, and also brings with it aspirations of growing its sales, absolutely in the US and China. The aggregation hopes the SUV will help it triple its annual sales from 1,500 to 5,000 units.

Lotus is already seeing successes with its growth plans. Earlier this year, the aggregation sold all 130 units of the Evija, its 1,900 application all-electric hypercar — that might not sound like much, but with a retail price of over $2.6 actor per car, it was going out on a limb.

As Lotus strives to become a volume carmaker, rather than a fringe specialist, we’ll see a reimagining of its old time mantra of “simplify and add lightness.” With the power of electrified drivetrains that sounds like a very agitative proposition, and let’s not forget the first Tesla Roadster was about based on the light and agile Lotus Elise.

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Published November 9, 2020 — 13:15 UTC

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