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Mitsubishi Eclipse first to get offline What3words maps for off-grid navigation

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Mitsubishi Eclipse first to get offline What3words maps for off-grid navigation

It should make abyssal easier and quicker

Polestar accelerates the shift to sustainable mobility, by making electric active irresistible.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is going to be one of the first cartage accessible to the public that lets drivers cross by using just three words.

The Eclipse Cross that uses a TomTom aeronautics system also integrates with What3words acceptation that drivers can set a area to cross to by saying or typing three words into their satnav.

If you’ve never used What3words it’s simple concept, the aggregation has mapped the entire world and split it up into three meter by three meter squares which are labelled with three words. Every aggregate of words is unique, making it very easy to cross to a very specific location.

What’s more, Mitsubishi‘s system will be the first to offer the account offline, acceptation no cell or data affiliation is needed to cross — a boon for drivers that don’t have good cell accession where they live.

Our accompany down under will be the first to get the tech with the new Eclipse ablution this month in Australia and New Zealand. North Americans will be able to get their hands on it next year.

Credit: What3words
The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is the first to get offline What3words aeronautics in its TomTom system.

The news comes after a rather cagey advertisement from HERE Technologies and What3words in October, in which the companies appear a affiliation to bring the three word aeronautics option to a whole bunch of vehicles. HERE Technologies aren’t well known in the customer market, but are amenable for four in five of the satnavs found in new cars, so it could have quite an impact.

That advertisement didn’t accommodate any advice on what cars were likely to get What3words, though. Even after a few questions, HERE Technologies said that it would be alive with ally on a “case-by-case” basis.

It’s also worth noting that TomTom and Here Technologies are not the same thing. TomTom first chip What3words into its satnav platforms a few years ago bringing its three word aeronautics to Fiat, Chrysler, Peugeot, and Citroen.

As for HERE-based satnavs, we’ll still have to wait to find out what cars are going to get What3words first.

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Published November 11, 2020 — 10:45 UTC

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