Once upon a time, Google Chrome was atop the internet browser food chain with its simplistic design, easy access to Google Search, and customizable layout. By contrast, it was lightyears ahead of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which had a abstracted abode bar and Bing (yes, that’s still a thing) search bar.

In 2020, most browsers have adapted. Google Chrome has mainly kept itself on top of the food chain. They basically invented auto-search in the abode bar. Besides that, Mozilla Firefox’s layout is way cleaner, Safari sells itself as Apple proprietary software with a massive accent on aegis and privacy, even Opera’s take on what a browser should be is worth trying out. Microsoft’s newest browser Edge, which replaced the hated Internet Explorer, is even far more acknowledged and I even use it on my PC.

I’ll use annihilation besides Google Chrome. And here are my affidavit why.

The RAM Chrome uses is insane

Chrome is a memory beast. Unless your PC has 8 GB of RAM or hopefully a solid processor, it will hate Chrome. I’ve seen games that don’t use the RAM Chrome does.