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Georgia unveils the first EV-charging ‘solar roadway’ in the US

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Georgia unveils the first EV-charging ‘solar roadway’ in the US

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The City of Peachtree Corners in Gwinnett County, Georgia has launched a new solar artery system that produces energy for an electric agent (EV) charging base at city hall.

Separately, the city has also appear a new EV fast-charging plaza for up to 16 vehicles. The plaza is the countdown activity in Peachtree Corners’ new EV strategy, which could serve as a model for other cities.

The solar artery is on a area of an free agent test lane in the city’s Curiosity Lab real-world testing ambiance and has been provided through a affiliation with The Ray, a non-profit proving ground in Atlanta.

The new system should aftermath more than 1,300 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually for a Level 2 EV charger at city hall, accessible at no cost to EV motorists. The charger is also able with an energy accumulator system for night-time charging.

In the future, it could power streetlights and other city infrastructure, as well as back for grid outages, the city said.

The Wattway solar artery panels are bogus by French company Colas Group in affiliation with the French National Solar Energy Institute.

Solar road initiatives and trials have been launched in countries such as China and France but this accession represents the first public road deployment in the US.

Brandon Branham, Chief Technology Officer and Assistant City Manager of Peachtree Corners, told : “This appliance is also the first time that the solar artery is being used as the sole power source for an electric agent charging station, and not just agriculture the grid with added power.”

Proving ground

Early after-effects from pilots abroad have cast doubt on the ability of solar roadways. Following a three-year government-backed trial of Wattway’s panels along a kilometer-long test road in Normandy, France, letters last year said the technology wasn’t economically viable or energy efficient.

The Wattway panels have now been engineered to be more abiding and efficient, which the aggregation says has resulted in a 21 percent achievement increase.

Wattway is running new trials in Normandy and also using Curiosity Lab to test the latest version. More of the panels, which are glued on, could be added to sidewalks, bike lanes , and other surfaces in the future.

On the abeyant to power other city infrastructure, Branham said: “This type of scale has not been proved abroad and is what makes this test at Curiosity Lab so invaluable, as aggregate from power bearing to accession and aliment will be monitored and tweaked to accomplish scalability.”

Allie Kelly, Executive Director, The Ray, added: “In the near term, urban areas like Peachtree Corners might be more accordant and airy for solar roadways deployment than highways and interstates. You can anon pair the energy bearing with important uses like charging docks for electric bikes and scooters, and even lighting and smart city infrastructure. Conversely, solar roadways at scale on interstates [are] about abased on a good affiliation to the account grid, which is not always present and may create cogent costs for alleged ‘interconnection’.”

Taking the EV initiative

In a abstracted initiative, Peachtree Corners has opened a new EV fast-charging plaza that can fast-charge up to 16 cartage simultaneously. The deployment is the first admeasurement from the city’s new electrification plan, developed with e-mobility consultancy Hubject Consulting.

Hubject’s assay articular that Peachtree Corners was about “an EV fast-charging desert,” decidedly because the growing electric agent buying in and around the city. The aggregation analyzed the city’s residential, business, and retail layout, as well as cartage patterns and electrical accommodation to analyze the ideal area for the charging plaza, which is anchored at Peachtree Corners Town Center.

Twelve Tesla V3 Superchargers are now operational at the plaza as well as four accepted charging stations. Two 350 kW chargers, and two 150 kW chargers, will go live in the new year. By early January, the plaza will be able of charging all types of EV models. It will be one of the better public charging accessories in the state of Georgia and the better in the Metropolitan Atlanta area.

The chargers were funded by the charging arrangement providers.

Model for electrification

Thomas Doran, Senior Director of Hubject North America, commented: “We hope that this activity with Peachtree Corners will affect other municipalities civic to actively begin planning their city’s electric agent infrastructure, ensuring association and businesses are able to easily electrify.”

“More than 55,000 cartage a day will pass by the new charging hub via the main corridor, absorption our initiative’s immense impact on the larger region, in accession to Peachtree Corners residents,” added Brian Johnson, City Manager of Peachtree Corners. “Not only is this a cogent bread-and-butter driver for our city, alluring retail and other accompanying activities, but it’s also confined as a model for other communities across the nation to follow as electrification continues to expand.”

The affiliation amid Hubject and Peachtree Corners is set to abide into 2021 and activities will accommodate added grant-funded electrification projects and other EV charging efforts.

“As one of the first real-world smart cities in the country, we pride ourselves in arch the way with ‘firsts’ – from fully free electric shuttles active alongside approved vehicles, the world’s first fleet of teleoperated e-scooters deployed for association to now the better EV charging hub in the entire Metro Atlanta area,” said Branham. “With the help of Hubject and our partners, we were able to create an avant-garde basement plan that added reinforces us as a model for the American city of the future – all-embracing the latest arising technologies to better the lives of residents.”

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Appear January 8, 2021 — 11:00 UTC

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