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Rivian hints at branch fitted wraps for customization

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Rivian hints at branch fitted wraps for EV customization

Rivian owners will get the chance to have wraps fitted at the factory

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One of the most agitative parts of buying a new car is configuring it to your specification. Choosing the interior, wheels, add-on features, and of course, the color.

Cars have been, and apparently always will be, extensions of our identity. Like adornment that we climb inside, the cars we drive have the power to say a lot about who we are.

Sadly, most carmakers these days have a fairly bound color palette, unless you’re accommodating to pay big bucks and wait for a custom spray. Thankfully, manufacturers are acquainted that barter favor affordable ways of making their cartage unique.

Rivian, the electric agent maker backed by Amazon, looks like it could be one such manufacturer. Whilst its cars aren’t accomplished yet, they are in final stages of testing and the first deliveries are accepted to happen this year.

For those putting orders in, through the Rivian car configurator, there is a choice of nine colors. Which is pretty normal.

rivian, car, ev, color, future
Credit: Rivian
Rivian paint color choices, there’s a couple of absorbing ones, but owners aren’t bowled over for choice.

But it looks like Rivian could offer a host more colors and patterns by using vinyl wraps, which would be activated to the agent at the factory.

According to a tweet, spotted by advertent users of the Rivian forum, the aggregation is alive on a branch wrap that pays homage to big rock, El Capitan.

The aggregation appropriate that the wrap isn’t quite ready yet, but will come as part of a host of other customization options for its accessible R1S and R1T electric chance trucks. So it seems we may have only just aching the apparent with how much customization Rivian will offer in future.

Check out the wrap in the images below.

There are no other capacity right now, but expectations are that the wraps could cost about around $1,000, which sounds about right. A good wrap can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000 depending on the abstracts and agent size.

Last year, Tesla China began alms buyers the option of having a branch wrap installed on their car before delivery.

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Published January 11, 2021 — 15:22 UTC

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