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Sony’s abstraction car is being tested on public roads, just 12 months after reveal

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Sony’s abstraction car is being tested on public roads, just 12 months after reveal

The Vision-S was appear at CES last year and it's already in testing on public roads

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Almost 12 months ago to the day at CES, Sony made a abruptness actualization of a abstraction car. Yes, a Sony car. With testing now underway, it’s more than just a abstraction wheeled out to make some noise a trade show.

According to recent reports, Sony is now testing its S-Vision abstraction car on public roads. At Sony‘s CES 2021 keynote the aggregation said it began testing last month, by taking the car on a trip through Austria.

The video doesn’t give too much away, however, it’s clear that the car appearance a host of modern features, as there are arresting sensors on the front and rear bumpers. The Vision-S also has rear facing cameras instead of wing mirrors, kind of like the Honda-E.

When the abstraction was announced, Sony said the car would have 33 sensors, including CMOS, ToF (Time of Flight), and LiDAR. All of these would work calm to abutment a host of Level 2 driver aids. That number has been bumped to 40, Electrek reports, but it’s not clear what those extra sensors will be used for or why they’ve been added.

Comparing the above abstraction image to the video, the interiors of the Sony Vision-S electric abstraction car appear to have remained the same, with large screens the full width of the dashboard.

The car was also said to accommodate a software first design, and “immersive audio experience,” we’d expect annihilation less from Sony though.

When it comes to the drivetrain, Sony said the Vision-S would affection two motors, carrying over 560 hp able of blame the car to 60 mph in under 5 seconds.

Unfortunately, for now, those are still the only stats that Sony has revealed.

Other important advice such as how much it might cost, how big is its battery, how long will it take to charge, and when it will be released, haven’t been answered.

However, one of Sony‘s ally that’s alive on the vehicle, did say they have a “feeling all complex parties want to bring this agent to the streets as soon as possible.”

Even though the Vision-S in the video is a buried prototype, it does appear to be quite far along development-wise, absolutely from the alfresco at least. Prototypes about have lots of body work coverings, and acting accessories for testing purposes, but the Vision-S is clean, and looks like the accomplished package.

Indeed, going from abstraction to public road testing in a year is a swift turnaround, and is a big step appear making the car a reality. We can only assume that the car was already quite well-developed when it was apparent in 2020.

Take that with a grain of salt, though. Building a one-off ancestor is a very altered kettle of fish to ascent it to be mass-produced. Just ask Elon Musk.

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Published January 12, 2021 — 08:54 UTC

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