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IBM rolls out an all-new Elite Hybrid Cloud Build team for AI partners

IBM today appear the accumulation of its Elite Hybrid Cloud Build Team. According to Big Blue, this group of AI and cloud accretion experts was accumulated to help bring its ally into the acid edge of hybrid band-aid systems.

What? While Elite Hybrid Cloud Build Team might sound like a crack squad of affected Airborne Seabees, the absoluteness is almost just as cool. Per IBM:

The elite assurance team consists of over 100 cloud architects, data scientists, cloud developers, aegis specialists, and developer advocates who work on the agile co-creation of avant-garde technology solutions for ally and their clients.

With decades of ability in Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, AWS and many more environments, the IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team helps its ecosystem ally revamp workloads across all cloud platforms and providers while infusing new technologies like AI, 5G, Kubernetes and Edge to optimize business operations and advance client outcomes.

In other words, the EHCBT helps businesses affix their on-premise, on-cloud, and other AI systems no matter what belvedere they’re on.

Quick take: It’s free… so, there’s not much to dislike. IBM’s heavily-invested in its own ecosystem, so it can afford to do stuff like this. And that’s a good thing for ally and audience who’re attractive for a way out of single-vendor solutions.

IBM’s charge to open-source could also be a factor here, so it’s absolutely worth attractive into for admiral and IT managers who may be because amalgam new tech such as 5G or introducing AI systems to an already-complex stack.

For more advice check out IBM’s advertisement here.

Published February 4, 2021 — 19:56 UTC

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