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Seoul’s smart poles will soon be able to charge drones and EVs

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Seoul’s smart poles will soon be able to charge drones and EVs

Polestar accelerates the shift to sustainable mobility, by making electric active irresistible.

Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is installing new ‘smart poles’ which act as streetlights, cartage lights, ecology sensors,  footfall counters, smartphone chargers, Wi-Fi access points, CCTV, and more.

Twenty-six smart poles have already been installed in six areas of the city, with each pole’s functions customized to the needs of its area in the city.

SMG plans to abide rolling the poles out as well as aerodynamics a adaptation of the basement which can also charge drones and electric vehicles, and detect parking violations.

The city plans to use drones to “monitor abeyant disasters and emergency rescue efforts,” and later this year, drones will be able to recharge from the upper part of the poles while sending data back to SMG. A agent for the city said the activity is in the planning stage.

Smart city project

When street basement needs to be replaced or installed, SMG will accommodate it into the smart poles where accessible to save costs and reduce clutter.

Lee Won-Mok, Director General of Smart City Policy at Seoul Metropolitan Government, said: “Smart poles help finer consolidate the somewhat busy road facilities, not only application their innate functions but also highlighting assorted smart abstruse features.

“These S-Poles are accepted to advance urban landscapes and enhance the safety, welfare, and accessibility for our Seoul citizens. They will also serve as charging stations for drones and electric vehicles, bringing the city one step closer to acceptable a smart city.”

Environmental sensors adviser temperature, humidity, chapped matter, and more

Putting basement in the bin

The activity reflects a growing trend for street basement to be multipurpose to abbreviate visual ataxia and use of public space. Streetlights have about been the most common belvedere but casework are now also being chip into bins.

Telebelly accession in Australia

Bigbelly, which provides solar-powered smart bins, afresh appear that it is ablution its Telebelly artefact in the UK. The solution, which is already accessible in Australia, expands the functionality of acceptable Bigbelly bins by accumulation small cell poles and antennas to enhance connectivity.

“Wherever a public waste bin is appropriate, a Telebelly may be the solution to hide small cells in plain sight,” the aggregation said.

Bigbelly says the Telebelly, which is 4G- and 5G-capable, could advance growth of the UK’s small cell arrangement and pave the way for 5G by making it easier for telecommunication companies to deploy a faster and more reliable account after relying on all-embracing mast installations.

Alex Gamota, Senior Vice President at Bigbelly, said: “Given how Bigbelly is about utilised in densely busy areas where footfall is high, which is about where increased telecoms coverage and capacity is required, there is a high degree of synergy amid the public waste accumulating aspect of the system and Telebelly.”

In a abstracted activity with Bigbelly, smart bins in Dublin are also being used to admeasurement assiduity in the city and to house small cell infrastructure.

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Appear March 29, 2021 — 14:00 UTC

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