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The science of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is truly that — a science. The advice on free the key terms and phrases that can shoot a web page to the top of Google search after-effects is voluminous. But rather than addition out the keywords yourself that’ll send your web numbers surging, wouldn’t it be even better if you could get your competitors to help do the work for you?

The buzz usually gets aural around the absolution of hotly-anticipated new smartphones. That’s actually the case right now, as the tech world and consumers are uber-excited for this month’s absolution of Google’s brand new Pixel XL 2. In fact, TNW’s own Napier Lopez was raving after he got his hands on one, advertence that “Google is ambience a accepted for the pure Android experience.”

One of Google’s most-used (but least updated) apps just got a new coat of paint. Launched over a decade ago, Google Calendar, aka GCal, has coasted through actuality with a series of mostly accepted updates. 2015 brought “reminders,” 2016 saw the launch of “goals” and AI-driven “smart suggestions,” but throughout it all, the looks have remained mostly unchanged.