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Last week, Amazon made the abrupt move of calling for adjustment on facial recognition. In a blog post published on Thursday, Michael Punke, VP of global public policy at Amazon Web Services, bidding abutment for a “national aldermanic framework that protects alone civil rights and ensures that governments are cellophane in their use of facial acceptance technology.”

Machine acquirements is abolition the food industry. From how farmers actuate which seeds to plant, to what toppings your local mom and pop pizza-joint serves, there’s an AI-powered band-aid at work that’s revolutionizing what and how we eat. After about 200,000 years of managing our own basic comestible needs — poorly, in most cases — the grown-ups are assuredly putting machines in charge.

Earlier this month, I woke up to a adverse aegis bug in Apple’s FaceTime that could let anyone easily eavesdrop on iOS and macOS devices. In case you haven’t heard about it yet, FaceTime, the audio and video conferencing app that comes preinstalled on all iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers, had a major aegis flaw that could let a caller hear the audio from the device they were calling before the person on the other end accustomed or alone the call.